Ade Adewoye Chris Brooks

Now that the 3,300 sq ft addition to my office building on Upton Drive is complete, I feel an obligation to tell you how very satisfied I am ...
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If your building doesn't fit your lifestyle or work style, it doesn't feel like home. That's why every project starts with a simple meeting. One in which you get to know us and we get to know you.
From there, our design philosophy is simple - make the interior space of the project work for you. To do that, we take the time to listen to your needs. But even more, we look beyond your words to interpret your vision, to understand how you live and work and how the space works to enhance your daily activities.

Through this process, we've discovered that simplifying functional usage and minimizing circulation leads to maximizing the usable space. The result - you get the most out of your space and it fits the way you live. This simple, straightforward approach to spatial arrangement cuts down on the project costs.

Mission Statement: Committed to design solutions of a very high standard, our work reflects superior technical analysis and uncompromising sensitivity to our clients' programs and desires with the goal of exceeding their expectations.